Had a little time this morning and I have a new toy, a force gauge, so I decided to test the swap leaders and see how close they were to the listed breaking strength on each leader. The intent was not to destroy leaders, but provide the makers with some info on their leaders.

All leaders were attached to a fixed point by their butt loops and the tippet end was attached to the force gauge hook. If the loop was too small to fit over the hook, or the leaderhad a tippet ring installed, a piece of stainless wire was used to attach the leader to the force gauge. A slow, steady pull was used on the gauge until the leader reached its listed strength, or it broke.

These are listed by maker, listed breaking strength and actual breaking strength.

Jack Hise 9# 8.5# broke

Popperfly 12# 15# intact

Warren Patterson 6# 10.5 intact

Sirhoops 12# 3# Broke

Fishwater 12# 13# intact

TomS 7# 10# intact

There is one leader missing...MINE!! I have all of my furling equipment packed for a show and I did not make any extra leaders. I will be making one at the show and testing it by the same method there. Results will be posted Saturday evening.

All leaders that broke broke at the tippet end. Is this a completely scientific test...NO several leaders from each maker would have to be tested to have some good data. I thought it would be fun to do and I got to play with a new toy!!

I hope this information is helpful to the folks that were in the swap....