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Thread: DAMSEL FLIES FOR BLUEGILL (part I - Nymphs) -Bob Boese - Dec 3, 2012

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    Default DAMSEL FLIES FOR BLUEGILL (part I - Nymphs) -Bob Boese - Dec 3, 2012

    It is often necessary to ask the right question. "What is the best fly to use for bluegill?" is such a question. Of course, no two people will give you the same answer.
    Adult bluegill feed primarily on insects. That means they will eat insects to the exclusion of everything else unless food is scarce enough to force them to seek out other items. They will eat insects in any stage of the insect's life cycle and are not particular; eating whatever insect is currently available. However, should availability include damsel flies, they will usually be near the top of the menu.
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