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    The streamer, not the bug. Tied these up to throw at runners coming up out of Hebgen a few years ago, but we hit a warm spell and had to resort to other means. Fun fly to tie; dug out my copy of Jack Dennis Western Trout Fly Tying Manual for a refresher.

    hook - Mustad 3665A #6
    thread - UTC 140 black
    tail - peacock swords
    rib - gold wire
    abdomen - floss red
    thorax - peacock herl
    wing - 2 saddle hackles badger
    hackle - badger

    Part 1

    mash barb and start thread at 50% mark

    tie in wire rib

    tie in peacock sword fibers (4)

    trim sword butts and return thread to 50% mark

    wrap floss forward; good luck keeping that stuff under control to lay down a smooth body

    want a thin body on this one so just one layer of floss (thank goodness)

    wrap wire rib forward and tie off

    trim tips on a bunch of peacock herl fibers

    tie peacock in

    leave bobbin hanging at tie in, grab peacock herl

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