I am sorry ... I really don't want to upset anybody. But I have got to get this off my chest.
What is all this hoopla over Tenkara? I guess I was really a trend setter in the 60's and didn't even know it. But back then, we just called it jigging a fly with a cane pole. There are some major differences that I don't like. With the cane pole, we always used a stout line, and the line length was usually no longer than the pole. This allowed one to quickly land a big fish for releasing if desired.
With these Tenkara poles and the light leaders, you have to hand line the fish in. If you catch a large fish, you'll have to exhaust the fish before you can bring it to you by hand. I fear this will result in more fish kills due to over exertion.

Am I the only one who sees this ... or am I somehow mistaken?