At the request of a 'swap administrator', I am posting this here:

I am speaking only for myself although I think my opinion is shared: If anyone thinks he or she may not be able to adhere to the general rules and time frames set for a swap, maybe they should not sign on. If, however, that person does sign on, he or she should at least communicate any delay or inability to fulfill the commitment with the swapmeister as soon as that inability is known.
Participating and having to tye flies for a swap is enjoyable and almost always rewarding. It is not a penalty. Generally swaps offer more than enough time, from sign-on to completion date, to get the flies to the swapmeister. Yes, sometimes life gets in the way and swaps take a back seat. However, late mailings or dropping out at the last minute is simply a matter of forgetfulness and not caring about the other participants.
I think almost all swappers will understand this post but some may find it objectionable and just maybe that's why swaps appear to be going the way of the dodo bird.

Just my humble opinion.