This fly is a great all-round Caddis Fly imitation as-well-as; Stone Fly, Golden Stone and Yellow Sally. Just change the colors of the thread, foam and hackle.

Materials List:

Hook: 1xl nymph #12-18 this is a 14.
Thread: Danville 6/0
Body: black craft foam 2 mm
Wing: deer hair
Hackle: Rooster Badger

dress hook to bend with touching turns then back to half shank

add small drop of super glue

tie in foam with thread wraps going forward, trim waste

tie in a small clump of deer hair winding thread through the buts to the hook eye

trim butts close

tie in a badger hackle shinny side towards you

wrap hackle forward 3-4 turns, tie off

double whip finish, trim waste piece

completed Neversink
tied and photographed by Doug Korn