Hi everyone this is my own creation that is a variation of a fly that I will be posting in a few days. The name of the fly is called the Trick Or Treat. I went fishing on the South Branch below lake Solitude this past November 2011. Actually it was the first weekend after Halloween that was a really nice day. So I am on stream and get nothing to hit on any of the wet flies that I fished with that day. So I had three of these flies in box box and tyed one one fished it for about 5 minutes and caught a nice 8 inch Brown. Wound up catching 5 more Browns that day. I sat their and laughed and had a great time fishing and coulf not believe this fly that was destined as a holiday ornament for Halloween actually was productive and had taken Browns. Now I plan this year to filed trial the fly in the fall time say October November and see if it works again.