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    I am a fly tyer, my name is Andy Brasko. My question to this board comes after this short intro story the leads into my question:

    A fly fisherman will go out and look at all the rods that are available to him. Based on budget and feel this purchas could be between $200 - $775 now adays. Then of Course the fly fisherman wants to balance out the rod with a nice new looking reel which could go again based on ones budget from $50 - $500 easy. Now the fly fisherman decides that he needs a really good fly line to complimnet his rod and reel selection, so he spends anywhere from $29.99 - $99.99. Okay we have the rod, reel, line and just one more thing to get some leaders and tippet. So about $2.59 - $5.99 is spent on the leader and again on a spool of tippet. Now in this process the fly fisherman has taken his time selecting and seeing what feels right and looks appeasing to his eye. So now it comes down to the flies. Some people look at the sign in the shop to see what might be just working and go and buy a handfull of flies. Others look for their favorites that they know will work. Others do not know what is good and will work or take the time to read and buy what they think looks buggy/fish catchers. Next, there are others that decide to go the route of the internet to get flies cheap and in bulk. Lastly there are the fly tyers. Some who want quick and easy fast tyes, Others that want well constructed flies and looks that match a species in ones local stream then there are nuts like me that wants quality, looks well built and of course a piece of art work. Okay enough. let's get to the question:

    Why is it that a person will buy an expensive rod, reel, fly line and leaders and tippet material and scrimp or do not care on the part of the whole outfit the catches the fish (The FLY)?

    I cannot answer this question becasue my philosophy is that a well constructed fly that looks like a work of art should be fished on your outfit. Not some $0.99 fly that was found by uncle cheach at the blueberry fly website.. So back to my question, what is your take on this when you see my write up and question. I thought this would be a very interesting topic that would generate a really good thread.

    Andy Brasko
    Genuine Wet Fly Tyer & Fisherman
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