DG please read my post again, I said the following "when a fly tyer ties a fly, He tyes to the best of his ability. That is what I believe. It does not matter the level of the tyer. If you placed your best effort in it then that is what I am talking about.". Unless I miss read your post, it sounds like you are taking me the wrong way.
The way I read it, if I am NOT tying each fly to the best of my ability, then I must not be doing it to your standards. I do very little to the best of my ability, because very little requires me to do so. It's just fly tying (or fishing), after all. I CAN spend an hour making a "perfect" fly, or I can spend two minutes making one that does what it is supposed to do, which FOR ME is to catch fish. And then I can spend the next 58 minutes tying a couple dozen more. I don't count the wraps, I don't worry if the wing is a bit lopsided, I don't worry if the space between the wire wraps is not even, I don't feel bad if I have to substitute a material here and there, and so on, because it is not necessary. The fish do not require perfection. No two insects are identical, after all.

We can only apply standards to ourselves, not to others.