I only have 17 more times to take the garbage out, before the Idaho Fish-In. This will be only the 2nd time I've been there, but the wait is killing me. The last time I was there, the October Caddis hatch was thick. Lot's of folks from FAOL were there from all over the country. Al Campbell was even there. I believe it was his last FAOL sanctioned fish-in. What a blessing it was to meet him. I miss him.
This year's Fish-In promises to be a just as good as any of them. The water table is up where it belongs. The cyclical weather patterns are building up to perfect conditions. I'm sure the Caddis flies will cooperate. All we need is friends around the campfire at night, sharing stories, (lies) singing folk songs, and planning what flies to take fishing the next day. If you need lots of fish and easy access, there is the Selway. If you need some seclution, more difficult access, and fewer but bigger fish, there is the Lochsa. If you need the most pleasant and relaxing camp ever, there is the resort at Three Rivers.
I look forward to meeting everyone who shows up. It's going to be great.
Thanks for our hosts; Denny, Les, and Ron & Vickie. And thanks to our Lord for creating such a place. It's going to be fun.

Life, is the time He gave you to determine where you want to spend eternity.
Lotech Joe

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