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It really depends on what kind of water you're going to be fishing. The NuCanoes are fantastic when it comes to stability, comfort and quality of build. Where I fish here in Indiana, I tend to either paddle up rivers and fish my way down, or float/fish down and paddle back up to the truck. The NuCanoe Frontier models are not the best kayak choice for paddling against current or even for paddling far for that matter. But for fly fishing on still water, they're great. If you're going to be fishing any moving water (rivers) or paddling far to get to your fishing spot (reservoirs, large lakes, etc) then you might want to check out the NuCanoe Pursuit or a few of the models by Jackson Kayak. My favorites for versatile fishing are the Jackson Coosa HD (not the standard Coosa) and the Jackson Kilroy. Love both of those models for my style of fishing. The best advice anyone can give you is to try and get in a few different model of kayaks and test paddle before buying.

By the way, that link you shared is for Wildcat Creek Outfitters which happens to be my "home" fly fishing/kayak shop. I fish on their kayak fishing team and get all of my fly fishing and tying gear from them. Great guys and they've got a large selection of fishing kayaks in stock. You won't find a better crew to deal with.