I flipped one, but I did it on purpose, just to see how stable the boat was, and it was very difficult. And, it flipped right-side up all on it's own. I could not make it stay flipped. I won't say it can't be flipped accidentally, but I can't imagine what you have to do for that to happen. We've taken my friends NuCanoe on Class iV whitewater several times, and it never flipped, even with two 200+ lb. men in it. But, nothing is 100%. But I am convinced that the NuCanoe is a close to it as you can get. I am personally not crazy about them, because they are not very maneuverable, and they are painfully slow to paddle, but they are the most stabile boat I have ever sat in, even including Jon Boats. Just my opinion. Your mileage may vary....

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OK old thread, But to the guys who posted you can?t flip these I beg to differ.
I flipped mine to the tune of $600 worth of lost equipment. And I read a post from a dealer who flipped his to the tune of $2500 worth of lost equipment.

If there is any interest I?ll post my story.