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    Default Easy Easy Easy eggs

    1) Package of Pom Poms from Hobby Lobby(available in 5mm and 7mm). I prefer the 5mm for our area but your mileage may vary.(7mm shown in pictures)
    2) Simply slip pom pom thru point of hook up to threaded area on hook(glue also if you prefer)
    3) Tie off
    Will let you know how they hold up but they seem to hold on well. Available in pink, yellow, red. Variety pack has all those colors plus brown, green, etc.. Brown might be nice as a 'food pellet fly'. White might look like a marshmallow(if you are so inclined)
    Those of you that tie a lot of flies with egg yarn may not find the process that much easier, but if you struggle with the yarn this is very easy.

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    Good fishing technique trumps all.....wish I had it.

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