Great article. There are so many emotions that accompany fishing. C&R conversations can bring out many of them. I don't keep everything I catch but I do have a weakness for maple brine smoked trout and will keep some in the fall so I can smoke them and enjoy them for the winter months. They make a healthy snack for the family, go great on pasta and with cream cheese spreads.

Sometimes I have a tinge of guilt ending the life of something so beautiful when I decide to keep them. I never thought twice about killing a fish when I was a kid. I guess I see life, and the ending of one, differently as I age. Nothing goes to waste though! Smoked fish heads are used like spice to a cream sauce (they freeze well), tails and fins are fried crispy and eaten like chips.

Anyone in the NE area that wants to learn how to clean and cook a fish please let me know. I would be happy to show you (and share my'll have to fight the kids for them though)