Hello everyone - Just getting back into this sport again after a very long time. I want to say a "special" THANKS to Deanna for honoring my request in 2008 to keep me as an active member of FAOL, and this forum, knowing that I would not be able to be involved. Thank you FisherLady! I hope we cross lines again in the not to distant future.

The last time I had any interaction with the FAOL members was at the MI Fishin in 2008. I briefly looked at some of the posters on the BB and did see some names I recognized; Kaboom, Rainbow Chaser, etc. Glad to see you folks are still here. I still remember and appreciate the "dry fly" training that Rainbow Chaser provided to me during the MI Fishin and hope you are doing well. The last time I got on this site the news was grim with regards to a key member. I hope not to find that again on this visit.

The forum has changed a little but not all that much. I will be doing more looking on the boards to see if there are still others that I remember. Scuba Tim and Jack Hise come to mind but didn't see any posts from them during the quick scan.

Look forward to interacting with all
again, and will have to see if there are any Fishins that are in the near future. I hope I can still get a line out past my waders.

The best to all and glad to be back!!!!!

PS> Is home made baked "bread" and "Spam" still a favorite with this group? LOL!