I drive a minivan. Not an exciting car in most people's eyes, but important to my fishing interests. It's starting to show its age(230,000 miles), but still gets me where I need to go(27 mpg).
Around this time of year the van starts to get a bit over loaded with fishing gear. Soon the back seat needs to come out and it will become a twoseater/camper for the summer.

I'm about to load in my float tube and fins for a little fishing after work. I'll have to make room.
This is what's in there already.

Warm water.. Canoe paddle, PFD, anchor, boat bag, bass rod, panfish rod

Trout...Waders, wading boots, beach bag containing vest, 4 reels plus extra spools, folstaf and who knows what else, cane rod, two graphite trout rods

Saltwater....stripping basket full of gear including two reels and extra spools, bootfoot waders, 9wt and 10wt rods

"Fallin'in clothes" extra hats and rain gear.

Evey year I promise myself that I won't let this stuff pile up...Oh well

"The day after tomorrow is the third day of the rest of your life"