I picked up some small silk lines, leader material and backing from a member of a different forum, with the intention of making leaders out of them. I have 3 wt and 5 wt silk lines and I'm looking to making some leaders for each. I haven't miked any of the materials yet, so I'm just looking for a starting point right now. All of the sites I've found dealing with making leaders was either furling(mono or thread) or knotting(mono). I'm probably going to try my hand at joining them like I would if I was splicing a fly line in this article at Over My Waders. (http://www.overmywaders.com/index.php?splicing)

I guess my questions are as follows:
What formula would I use? 50-25-25 or 60-20-20 or something else? Is the last portion my tippet or does the tippet go on after that? What sizes should I start and end with?

Those 4 questions should get me started, although any additional advice would be appreciated too.


Black Co

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