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Thread: About Us --> Profession past present and other nosy stuff

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    Smile About Us --> Profession past present and other nosy stuff

    Just thought I would throw this out here , as I have been curious:

    As for me:

    Age: 57

    Trades:-Prime Electrical contractor maintenance & speciality

    Part owner - Yosemite Conversation Camp " Happy Hearts"

    Hobbies - wood work, fly fishing, casting , conversation - local stream ecology
    passing it on to anybody that will listen..

    Gripes: None

    Homestead: Married with one boy

    Hair color: Silver, was not always that way lol

    What about you ??

    Be safe

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    Steve Molcsan"The two most important days of your life are the day you are born, and the day you find out why? -Unknown

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    Blog Entries


    Age 48 have been retired since age 44

    Trades, CDN Soldier 24yrs,( E911 Dispatch 8yrs and EMR 8yrs, part time)
    Vice-president of Project Healing Waters Canada Project Healing Waters Canada

    Hobbies Fly fishing , Fly casting, Fly tying, hiking, Camping, my GSD and GR dogs..

    Gripes none, minor bother - not enough fly fishing or tying

    Homestead - Me and she who must be obeyed and the dogs, kids grown and gone..

    Hair colour - long with a bit of gray.
    As in the Army, I have never had a bad day Fly fishing, some damn uncomfortable days but never a bad one!
    Everyone must believe in something and I believe in Fly Fishing and Fly Tying and believe I will
    Member of Project Healing Waters & Fly Fishing Canada, Project Healing Waters Canada

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    AGE: 63
    TRADES: Assistance Manager of a human blood plasma collection facility.
    Currently a warehouseman on call.
    Jack of all Trades.

    HOBBIES: Fly Fishing, Fly Tying, Rod Building, Camping.

    GRIPES: People who blow their nose in public during a meal.

    HOMESTEAD: Married with one wife, two daughters, five grand kids, three great grand kids. All with red hair.

    HAIR COLOR: Balding with some gray and mousy brown.
    Where you go is less important than how you take the steps.
    Fish with a Friend,
    Lotech Joe

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    As for me:

    Age: 60
    Trades: former Golf Teaching Pro, Bowling Coach, 31 yrs. at a natural gas utility, now retired. Now, flytying instructor, Safety Patrol at a ski resort, Celebrate Recovery Leader, but very busy.
    Hobbies - fly fishing, fly tying, rod building, golf, downhill skiing, road bicycling
    Gripes: dangerous drivers, slow play at the golf course
    Homestead: Very happily married, living in sw New York State
    Hair color: Silver, was not always that way lol

    How about you ??
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    Whether you think you can, or think you cannot, you're probably right.
    --Author unknown

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    Age: 51

    Trades: Account Manager, Printing. In the past I've been a supervisor, insurance agent. ink technician, machine operator, sheet metal fabricator, checked cards in a bar, driver, dishwasher, campground worker, busboy.

    Hobbies - fly fishing, fly tying, archery, paddling.

    Gripes: More than I should. I can't ever remember hearing my Grandfather complain about anything...not even the cancer that took him. He is my role model, however bad I am at following him.

    Homestead: Happily married and proud of two grown sons.

    Hair color: Mostly grey for whats left. All the brown hair is long down the drain.
    A right emblem it may be, of the uncertain things of this world; that when men have sold them selves for them, they vanish into smoke. ~ William Bradford
    I finally realized that Life is a metaphor for Fly Fishing.

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    Age: 64 0r 65 born Oct 46, you do the math.

    Trades: US Army Paratrooper, Ranger, Drill Sergeant, retired as a 1st Sergeant in 1988. Since then.....nothing.

    Hobbies: Fly fishing, fly tying, demo tying at FF shows, wood working.

    Gripes: None, doesn't do any good anyway.

    Homestead: Me and lovely wife Vickie (VEE), one crazy 2 1/2 year old English Springer Spaniel (Ghillie), and one 20 year old cat (Buttwipe...it's a long story), and a grown up, married daughter (Melissa) who lives in Maine.

    Hair Color: Brown and grey (VEE says about 50-50) very long, to small of back.
    Happiness is wading boots that never have a chance to dry out.

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    Blog Entries


    AGE 48

    Trades parole officer, corrections officer, corrections caseworker, college security officer, HVAC air Balancer. currently unemployed

    Hobbies Fixing houses, reading, fly fishing/tying

    Gripes Tailgaters

    Homestead Me Wife 2 daughters one son no pets at this time

    Hair Brown going to grey
    "Complexity is easy; Simplicity is difficult."
    Georgy Shragin
    Designer of ppsh41 sub machine gun

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    Age: 58, I think.

    Trades: Currently systems administrator for a regional horticulture company and have been doing this type of work for about 20 years. I have been a carpenter/construction worker, commercial fisherman and jack of all trades.

    Hobbies: Fly fishing, photography, grand kids.

    Gripes: A few.

    Homestead: Married with 3 grown kids, 2 grand kids (a good reason to have grown kids). One 190 pound Newfoundland and one 50 pound Border Collie.

    Hair Color: Blonde with a touch of grey.
    "The reason you have a good vision is you're standing on the shoulders of giants." ~ Andy Batcho

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    As for me:

    Age: 42

    Trades: Presently, a substation technician for an electric utility service company. I test, maintain, and repair substation equipment. Before that, car alarm and stereo installer, grocery store clerk, and my first jobs were working at Boy Scout camps.

    Hobbies: Fly fishing, of course.

    Gripes: You don't want to hear about those....but inconsiderate drivers are near the top of the list.

    Homestead: Single....living near St. Louis, Missouri.

    Hair color: Light brown....not as thick and bushy as it once was.
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    bump, just because I am a year older...
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