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Thread: Yes, this is real!!!

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    Default Yes, this is real!!!

    All Points Bulletin: Thieves Targeting Colorado Fly Shops

    Posted on February 4, 2011 by admin
    A well-orchestrated group of of thieves is targeting Colorado fly
    shops. So far they have made off with several thousand dollars in
    merchandise. The group is stealing high end product. Among the shops
    hit thus far: Laughing Grizzly, Angler?s All, Charlie?s Fly Box,
    Trout?s Fly Shop, Orvis Cherry Creek, and Rocky Mountain Anglers.
    Thefts occurred February 2-3.
    Suspects are two couples, Middle Eastern or Latin in appearance, well
    groomed and dressed fashionably. Once couple distracts the store
    staff while the other steals merchandise. Suspects have called ahead and
    verified that you are indeed a specialty fly shop. Cell phone area codes that
    have been used are (402) and (815). A Maroon passenger van with an
    Illinois license plate # K714 248 was used by the suspects.
    Below is the only photo of the suspects that is available at this time.
    BE ON ALERT! Protect your business, and if you get a chance to pinch
    these crooks by calling the police, do it! will update developments as more information becomes available.

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    Bump, not in my turf but these guys need catching
    Want to hear God laugh? Tell him Your plans!!!

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    Get those A@$%%#$^
    Born to fish, Forced to Work!

    Please deliver me to the weekend!

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    Viewed the video. bit grainy, they look Indian not American Indian but India Indian.

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    I also believe they are India Indians, but they should have known there were cameras.

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    Thanks for letting us know - hope the rest are caught as well!

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