Hi every one:

I just finshed up a batch of English March Brown Males wet flies for my fly box. Pardon the head on the fly pictured, prior to taking the picture I applied the first coat of head cement. Anyway it's a wonderful fly that has taken numerous Trout for me on the Willowemoc.

English March Brown Male

Hook: Mustad 3906 size 8
Tail: Gray/Brown Segmnets from a Patridge Tail Feather
Tag: Gold Mylar Tinsel size 16/18
Body: Lite Ausie Dubbing
Ribbing: Small Gold Oval Tinsel
Wing: Paired Speckled Peacock Quills
Full Collar Hackle: A Collins Soft Hackle Cape that I just purchased from this past fly fishing show

The pattern calls for paired Pheasent Hen Quills and I substitutued Peacock instead. I really like the look of the Peacock (Tyers Preferance). The pattern also calls for Gold Tinsel, on dubbed bodies I like oval tinsel a whole lot more. Lastly the full collar hackle calls for Dark Partridge. I really felt the collins wet fly cape is a lot nicer looking and gave it a classier appearance over all.

Andy Brasko