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    Here's a new pattern that I came up with that I want to try when I fish during Hendrickson & Iso time. I call this fly the Hend-A-Coq wet fly. Like my Hunny Bunny I just sat down at my vise and pulled out some materials that I really thought would go together and work well catching fish. I am adding this fly to this years flies that I will be field trialing to see when and where they work and if it will be repeatable in catching fish year after year (Which I think Will). Here's the pattern:


    Hook: Mustad 3906 size 8
    Thread: Danville 6/0 Gray
    Body: Uni Stretch Wine
    Ribbing: Silver Oval Tinsel Small
    Upper Thorax: Hendrickson Nymph Rabbit Dubbing
    Collar: Coq de Leon Hen Cape

    Andy Brasko
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