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    Default Walker

    Here is a fly that I tied tonight and plan to field trial in the 2011 fishing season. The fly can be found on plate 9 of Ray Bergman's book "Trout".

    Hook: Mustad size 8 3906
    Thread: White Danville 6/0 for the under body & Black Danville 6/0 for the head
    Tail: Paired Red over White Duck quills
    Body: 2 strands of white Danville floss wrapped back to front only
    Rib: 1 strand of black Danville floss constantly twisted while being wrapped around body
    Wing: Paired white Duck quiils with a strip of natural gray Turkey tail married in the center of the wing
    Collar: Yellow Hen cape
    Head: 1 coat of Griff's Thin, 2 coats of Griif's Thick, 1 coat of Hard as hull

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    Lovely, just lovely. That's just too pretty to fish. Love the floss work on the body. The turkey stripe in the wing really adds a bit to this pattern. Well done.

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    I agree with REE. The floss work is exceptionally good. And, the grey strip is nice. I'm so used to married wings being strong contrasts that it's nice to see some subtlety (sp?).

    - Jeff
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    Dr Burke's depiction doesn't do your fly justice!

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