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    Here is a fly that I tied tonight and plan to field trial in the 2011 fishing season. The fly can be found on plate 9 of Ray Bergman's book "Trout".

    Hook: Mustad size 8 3906
    Thread: White Danville 6/0 for the under body & Black Danville 6/0 for the head
    Tail: Paired Red over White Duck quills
    Body: 2 strands of white Danville floss wrapped back to front only
    Rib: 1 strand of black Danville floss constantly twisted while being wrapped around body
    Wing: Paired white Duck quiils with a strip of natural gray Turkey tail married in the center of the wing
    Collar: Yellow Hen cape
    Head: 1 coat of Griff's Thin, 2 coats of Griif's Thick, 1 coat of Hard as hull

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