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    Pictures! I am sorry some of them are lacking focus. Three different flies here, some other items included for scale. I am sorry if the pictures are too big, you may need to move scroll around a bit to find the fly.

    Sidenote: I bought a pretty strong magnet about a week ago, because I was dropping hooks and losing them in the carpet. I was very thankful to have that magnet tonight as I must have dropped these little buggers 5 times while shooting them. LoL

    gquall: Thanks so much for sending these! They are really cool! Hope to get to use them someday. Not too many trout in northern Missouri. But someday... lol I gotta work on my skillllllzzzzzzzz

    larger weighted

    large weight with tack for scale

    large unweighted

    tiny guy

    (sorry my fingers were definitely what was in focus in that one)

    all 3

    Thanks again Greg! By the way, would you mind listing the materials here in this thread so people can attempt to tie them if they feel up for the challenge?


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