My 12-yr old daughter was flyfishing at our local pond using her 5 wt flyrod. She told me that something was playing with both her line and her fly, a size 16 Adams Irresistible. It would suck down her fly so she would recast. After doing that about the 5th time, she said there was a huge splash and a "bubble" over her fly line--not the leader or the tippet or fly...the fly line. She went to recast...and no line. What she managed to pull back was cut, clean and had little "pinhole" bite marks all over the tip. She lost about 20' of her fly line.

We suspect that it was a Tiger Muskie. According to DOW, there are a few in the ponds and they can get pretty large. She was saying 36+".

I've never fished for Muskie...but ohhhh man...they have to be fun.

What is a good setup for these fish aside from a good steel leader? Fishing technique? Any help/input would be greatly appreciated.