After 50 years of waving the wand, (about 10 of the last years exclusively fly fishing) I find myself feeling the tug to go back to my roots. I think I'm migrating toward the spinning rod and casting for spiny rays. I love fishing for rainbows, but I find them fewer and farther between. I've had some snobbish experiences with fly fishing "Pro-Shops" and they've resulted in urging me away from the fly rod. It saddens me. I'm not sure if my advancing age or lack of wading ability has anything to do with it, but the "boat" beckons with a stronger allure than ever. Maybe it has something to do with the high cost of quality fly gear compared to the utilitarian cost of traditional gear. Maybe it has something to do with the lack of economic growth in America and my inability to keep up with inflation. Maybe, just maybe, it has something to do with my hankering for a simpler time. A time when I spent enjoyable hours fishing traditionally with my dad and grandfather. I still remember the excitement of gathering night crawlers in the evening cool with my dad, and then spending a sleepless night waiting for morning so dad and I could go fishing together. At any rate, I find myself leaning away from Sage, St.Croix, Loomis & TFO, and moving toward Quantum, Trilene, Berkley & Pflueger. What's going on here? Maybe I'll just sit back and enjoy the ride.
Anybody else feel the same tug?