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Thread: Lamson Konic 2.0, 100 y 20# backing, Sage WF5F line, Sage Equator II WF8F, all NIB

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    Default Lamson Konic 2.0, 100 y 20# backing, Sage WF5F line, Sage Equator II WF8F, all NIB

    For sale, a Konic 2.0 reel that is new, in the box. The reel's warranty card has not been filled in. $115 shipped in CONUS, payment by paypal.

    The reel for sale has not been loaded with line or even removed from the cloth Lamson bag. Reason for sale: my 7'6" 5wt rod is extremely light and doesn't balance the way normal 5 wt rods do. Balance was checked in my local shop with their reel + line, which is why the reel was never removed from the box.

    Also available, an unopened box of Sage Performance Taper II WF5F 5 WT line made by RIO "to balance with Sage's premium rods" (or any fast action rod, I presume). I bought this line via mail order, but, after my local shop bailed me out of my dilemma with the unbalanced rod/reel, I bought a complete setup from them and don't need the line (I felt it was the right thing to do). $45 NOW $40 shipped in CONUS.

    NEW offer: Buy the reel and 5WT line together for $140, shipped CONUS. Check accepted if you can wait for it to clear.

    But wait, there's more!

    An unopened box of Sage Equator Taper II, WF8F, warm saltwater fishing line (also made by RIO). Another result of my beginner's attempts at putting gear together via mail order, I was kindly told by forum members that this line will be far too stiff for the salt water fishing I plan to do in Maine this summer. $45 shipped in CONUS. SOLD WITH BACKING PENDING FUNDS

    The problems of getting the right lines and reels were solved with the help of this forum and my local shop, for which I'm grateful.

    Also offered, free: 100 yards of 20# backing from Scientific Anglers, new in the box, to the first person who buys one of the above items and requests the backing (I only have one spare spool of backing).

    PM me if interested.

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