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    Default Presentation fly holder?

    You're tying at a show and you want to show off your finished flies, how do you display them and pass them around so that other tiers can examine them during your demo? I have seen some just pass around the fly, others put them in forceps and still others put them in this type thingy, which I really don't know what it's called. I think it is an "electronics wire something or another" (how did you like that technical jargon?).

    Two questions, what do you call this thing if I go to a Radio Shack and ask for it. Next is there something better to hold finished flies for inspection. I have used one of those extendable magnets in the past as well. With the Electronic thingies, I have seen some drill holes in a wooden block and the insert them vertically to hold a series of finished flies.

    Open to ideas???

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