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    Default I also got a few things for sale!! Price lowered on several items!!!!!

    This is what I have to sell so I can replace a pair off worn out waders and boat repairs. Price lowered on several items
    1) Orvis reel case. Bought for my LA Batten Kill 3 but got the wrong size (to big) and it was purchased from a shop out of state. Reel case not used and in mint shape. $13.00 shipped. Price lowered to $10.00
    2) Dubbing box of real seal dubbing. None of the 12 colors used. This came from England and I?ve included the card of the company it came from. $20.00 shipped. SOLD
    3) Three full wells cork grips. They are 6 and 1/8 inches long with a 9/16th diameter hole. These are great for old fiberglass and bamboo blanks. $8.00 each shipped. Two are SOLD one left
    4) This reel seat came off an old fiberglass rod and it is in good shape considering the age. It measures 3 and 15/16th with a inside diameter of .5. I think it is made of aluminum. $4.00 shipped. SOLD pending funds
    5) Fish box for desk. It measures 10? x 8? x 3.5. It has three non movable internal dividers and I am not sure what it is made of. It is heavy like clay but does not feel like clay it feels like a plastic of some sort to me regardless it is nice and is nice to store some fly tying stuff in it on your desk. $25.00 shipped. Yes it?s a lot for shipping but it is heavy and needs to be packed well. Price lowered to $20.00
    6) The book ?Standing in a River Waving a Stick? great shape. $7.00 shipped. SOLD
    7) The book ?Chicken Soup For The Fishermen?s Soul? great shape $7.00 shipped Price lowered to $5.00
    The Book ?Incredible Fishing Stories? $7.00 shipped. Great shape Price lowered to $5.00
    9) The Book ?The Art of Fly Tying? good but in lightly used shape. A great beginner?s book. $7.00 shipped Price lowered to $5.00
    10) Bag of mallard feathers 4 x 5 $4.00 shipped. SOLD
    11) Grab bag of assorted furs for tying. I am not positive what these furs are. I?ve compared them with store bought ones so if they are labeled I?m pretty sure that is what it is. You will not be disappointed with this grab bag. Includes Red Fox, Bobcat, Beaver and a few assorted other furs. $6.00 shipped. SOLD pending funds
    12) I have one 8? 6? 2 pc 5 wt blank, dark blue in color with what I consider a medium action. This rod would be great for light tippets and tight areas. I am not sure of the maker of this blank but I have one just like it for myself and I like it. $28.00 shipped. SOLD
    13) Fly-Tying Bass Flies with Dave Whitlock vhs videos vol. 23 part one and two. These are not the best quality videos I have seen and they are not boot legged either but they get the job done. $15. Shipped to your door. Price lowered to $12.00
    14) Whiting Gold grade rooster cape dyed dark dun just a few small flies tied with it. $65.00 this one will be insured for shipping safety.
    15) Keough #2 Ginger never used. Price tag on it says $39.95 I just would like$25.00 shipped to your door.
    That?s what I?ve got for now I will be listing some flies and other goodies in the next few weeks. All items shipped to lower 48 only. Personal checks will have to wait till they clear and that may take some time, unless it is from somebody that I?ve dealt with in the past. Money orders are also good. Sorry but I do not take paypal because my wife gets to it first then I never see it. She thinks wading in 48 degree water doesn?t require waders. Silly girl.

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