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    Normand Guest

    Default assortment of leaders

    i have way too many leaders bought over many years so i offer them to you


    1. climax leaders 9ft 3x, 4x, 5x and 6x 2 sets 1 set per person
    (bspitt) 2nd SET TAKEN (onlymidges)

    2. orvis super strong leaders 9ft 4x & 5x 2 sets 1 set per person
    (benflyfishn) 2nd SET TAKEN (patroutchaser)

    3. climax leaders 9ft 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x & 7x 1 set only TAKEN (rgp759)

    4. cortland precision II leaders 9ft 3x & 5x 1 set only TAKEN (millerspecial)

    5. climax nymph leaders 7 1/2ft 2x (qty2) & 3x (qty 1) includes strike indicator TAKEN (kbproctor)

    6. cabelas leaders 9ft 6x & 7x 1 set only TAKEN (texfly)

    7. cabelas leaders 12ft 6x & 7x 4 sets 1 set per person 1 SET TAKEN (sanctyphillia), 2nd set taken (husker1), 2 sets removed

    8. REMOVED

    9. frog hair leaders 9 1/2ft 6x (qty 2) 1 set only TAKEN (flyfishfortroutguy)

    10. rio leaders 9ft 3x, 4x & 5x 1 set only TAKEN (ttas67)

    11. redington leaders 9ft 6x (qty 3) 2 sets 1 set per person 1 SET TAKEN (charlainec), 2nd SET TAKEN (WES)

    12. scientific anglers L2L leaders 7 1/2ft 5x (qty 2), 9ft 3x (qty 3), 9ft 6x (qty 1) and 4 line connectors. this item is a set. TAKEN (martin mcfly)

    please be considerate. if you have received anything from my previous giveaways, please consider other people on the site and let them have have a chance at some giveaways.

    please make your choice and post the number of your choice below. do not send me a PM with your choice. other people wanting some leaders will never know if they are taken or not.
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