Benjo's topic about cheap fly rods is interesting. I wonder what other equipment you have that you really like and would be hard put to sell or give away.
I am nuts about my Lord Weldon large arbor reel. It has to be forty years old, yet it is lovely to look at, has a satisfying click and really looks great loaded with backing and a contrasting line. I used it all season on my five weight. I should sell it but cannot bear to part with it.
Then there is that Shakespeare graphite 6 wt. rod that I bought two years ago. It casts great, looks fine and I expect I will keep it always.
Okay, and now for my 6'8" Horrocks Ibbotson fiberglass rod. It is a Buddy rod. The color is stunning aqua green. I sent it to a rod builder for his opinion and he was knocked out by it. So, I will use it as a three weight from time to time and other times I will take it out and admire it.
What say all of you? What are your equipment treasures?

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