mr and i are the same size from your description, but i have to add that along with being short and wide, i have a great deal of problem with shoe size. size 8 to 81/2, but eee width.

up till now, i've used the old fashioned garbage bag kind of stocking foot waders and just bunched up the extra in my converted hightop tennis shoes with glued on felt soles.

i have a brand new pair of breathable orvis waderes my wife bought me from a shop that was going out of business. the waders fit okay, but i can't get a pair of wading boots over the neoprene footies that are built in. the footie portion of the stocking foot is about 2 or 3 sizes too large in length.

has you research found any waders that are short, wide, AND have smaller wide shoe sizes?

i knew that there jad to be other people of normal size out there fishing among all of the taller folks. i share your pain! (lol)

one more cast and i'll leave......well maybe one just one more