back in mid-june i was in the gila national forest and had a medical emergency situation arise that forced me to hide a backpack containing some fly fishing gear and 2 fly rods to lighten my load and make better time to get to a highway before dark. when i returned to retrieve the pack, it was gone. i reported it to the ranger district, the ranches and outfitters in the area, etc. and the ranger district reported it to the other area law enforcement agencies. this is extremely remote country we're talking about. no one heard or saw anything.

anyway, inside were an elkhorn nomad 3wt and 5wt fly rod in their tubes, an elkhorn t-1 reel w/sa mastery gpx 3wt line, and my limited edition ffb project healing waters fly reel w/sa mastery gpx 5wt line. there were also 2 sa system x fly boxes full of my own hand-tied trout flies, my prototype williamjoseph magline chest pack (blue and gray...they don't make one like that) w/all the doo-dads in it, etc. the pack was a black bugout gear 3-day pack. the phwff reel made by and the williamjoseph magline chest pack are dead giveaways that they are MINE. they're virtually one of a kind items. the reel has a unique serial number and is one of 50 made.

so, just on the remote chance that anyone should stumble across either of these two items or see this combination of items for sale somewhere, please let me know by pm here. thanks.