Sorry folks. Pretty sure this is a re-run....a subject covered somewhere in time. I know how to find the effective spine...sorta.

It CAN be a matter of semantics. I have read a lot about finding the spine and I find opposite instructions.

So let me place my question this way. If I were to place a blank on two book ends and put a weight in the middle the blank will form what looks like a letter C but lying down. A better analogy is it will look from a side view as the outline of a cereal bowl. Let's just say this ceral bowl is 1/4" thick for clairity's sake. Now I have my blank looking like a cereal bowl. Is the "top" or INSIDE of the cereal bowl considered to be the soft side and the outside bottom of the cereal bowl sitting on the table the stiff side?

That woud be my opinion but I do not know physics. Skip Morris book states exackery the opposite. He instructs how to bend and get the curve....but states the inside is the stiff axis and to mark the OUTER side facing the table as the soft side.

I dunno. I just don't understand everything I know.

Bottom line to the question is this.....WHAT is the inside of the cereal bowl it the stiff axis?

Help please.