It's time for my yearly trip away from the heat of the desert Southwest and up into the mountains of Colorado.

I'll be just outside of Durango staying at Vallecito Lake until just after Labor Day. There are lots of trout in the lake, some monster Browns included, plus smallmouth bass and northern pike.

No TV, no internet, but my cell phone does work.

So, if any FAOLers are in the area and want to fish...get in touch.

I'll be at :

5 Branches Camper Park
4677 CR501A
Bayfield, Co., 81122

(they have RV sites, cabins, tent sites, a store, boat rentals, a lanch ramp, and, of course, me ).

My cell phone number is: 520-247-7483 (sadly, it does work there...dang electronic leash...but it does let me keep in touch with my fishing friends...).

Last summer we managed to catch some type of fish all summer long...Got into a neat topwater bite with the pike, and found some nice smallies, so there really isn't a 'bad' time to come up.

Boat's got two seats, shame to have one of them empty...