This is an idea I have been working on for over 6 months. I have made a 4pce pack rod w/ different butt sections to make 2 rod lengths w/ the same rod. My first in this series will be a 8'3''/7'3'' 4wt combo. I made this rod for packing in to some hidden lakes in Yellowstone park. The rod is built w/ one butt section shorter than the other pieces. In the 8'3'' length it handles a dt4 or a wf5 w/ equal ease.60-70ft casts were not a problem. The shorter length loves a dt4,casting it effortlessly.Solid white glass spigot ferrules,translucent silk wraps that match the cherry wood reelseats using downlocking nickle silver hardware.Two matching agate stripping guides were used so at least one was is use in either configuration. Here are some pics.