I just finished up a graphite rod using a blank supplied by someone else and now noticed that there is "play" in the ferrule. The blank was marked F793-2DB which a web search indicates is a Forecast 7'9" 3 wt, 2 piece. The ferrule is the typical tip-over-butt, graphite-to-graphite, male to female connection. When assembled I can feel a slight amount of play inside the female ferrule, which I image will place some stress on the ferrule if not corrected. I can remove the play by placing a single wrap of Scotch Magic tape on the tip of the butt section. But, I don't think the tape would last very long and would like to get some ideas about a permanent fix. I thought about tying a thin layer of epoxy on the tip but I think it would be tough to get it even in that thin layer.
(I use the twist connection method, the ferrule is lubricated, I checked the female inside for glue or other buildup, none. I did notice, by feel, a step-down on the last 2 3/4" of butt tip section, so it may have been taped just a hair too much.)
So, I sure would apprecitate any thoughts on a better method to get a good fit.