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New this week: A dam collapsed on Sat., April 4 on the Dunk River near Summerside, Prince Edward Island. On ASF's Facebook page there is a link to a YouTube video, taken by ASF, showing the damage and the destructive silt-laden water roaring downstream. Undoubtedly it destroyed redds and incubating eggs with covering silts

A CBC article on the dam collapse is available through ASF's website: http://asf.ca/news.php?id=358

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On Tues., April 21 Canada's Fisheries and Oceans is holding its annual Atlantic Salmon Advisory Committee Meetings in Halifax to update progress and activities on salmon management at home and at upcoming meetings of the North Atlantic Salmon Conservation Organization. The Wild Atlantic Salmon Conservation Policy is on the agenda - and salmon conservationists hope a much awaited final draft will be available for consultation.

Almost all Fish Friends schools will have received their eggs for growing out in classroom incubators by the end of this week. In Nova Scotia, one special classroom is located in Dingwall. It is the northernmost Fish Friends program in Nova Scotia, located not far from the very tip of Cape Breton Island.