First, I'm sorry, Sagefisher, about winning March's drawing when you had obviously already expressed your desire to win, in the "announcements section" above.
I feel badly about wining and you not. Honest. Okay, I feel SOMEWHAT BAD about winning the Choata jacket, which is a really fantastic looking jacket and you not. Okay, fine.Even though you're a great guy and I considered you a friend of mine........ I won it and feel great about doing so! Sorry.

Secondly, on a serious note, I do want to thank Deanna and that guy she hangs out with,(if someone would please PM me his name, I'd appreciate it, thank you!?!) and all involved with the web's finest fly fishing web site for the winning of the Choata jacket and all the contests we have here on FAOL.
I also want to thank everyone that's been PM, Emailing and calling me, lately to find out "how I'm doing" and have been concerned enough about my health and current status to also inquire about...."Have you decided, yet, on who gets your tackle if you don't make it?!".
(Sorry, Vise Theif, my oldest son gets my Boo' sticks. Joe V. the Abels are also spoken for, like I told you, but you hung up so fast, maybe you didn't hear me)
Anyway, all your concern and caring has been beyond words, believe me.

Currently, the med regiment I'm on, has been working to some degree and at "last count", things ARE beginning to "reverse themselves" a little bit.
Meaning, in short, that I may have casue to keep and actualy use all my tackle mysef.
I'm hoping to be back on the BB, here, shortly on a regluar basis but only time and these latest meds, will tell.
AGAIN, thank you to all concerned, for the winning of the nice jacket in the drawing and for all the great, continuing, friendhsips I have here on this wonderful site!
Paul Flybinder Wilmoth