This is the Scientific Anglers 'Steelhead' taper, 110 feet, Optic green. They sent it to me as a Christmas gift. I'm going to make it available to you.

Why should I give it to you, for free? Because you will answer 'on here' just why YOU would be the best person to do a FIELD TEST REPORT for FAOL.

I want a 'product Review' of this line. Your job, if you should decide you would be willing to do one, is to reply on here and CONVINCE ME. I will pick one of you and send you the line. I've got it right here now, it will go out to you fast. I will expect you to fish the line (for steelhead), take a couple of usable pictures for the 'Product Review,' write it up and email it to us. Whoever does the best job of convincing me gets the line. It is, of course, new and in the box. You might like to check our 'Product Review' section.

You game? Lets see how well you do.