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    Looking for a bit on info on this line for my new Z-Axis 8100 (Single Hander not sure if there is Switch 8100)

    First of all the Z-Axis is a lot more rod than I'm use to, currently own several Launch models including a 890. The Z-axis although manageable for my casting style will take some getting use too and brake me out of my lazy arm action.

    I'm wondering about the Performance Taper II, Sage puts it off as the line of choice for it premium rods. Is this line rated heavier than its normal designation like the Rio Grand (+1/2 wt) or are they true to their rating.

    I was also thinking of overlining the Z-axis with a 9 wf cortland 444 (use them on all my rods) to start with and weaning myself back to the 8wt line. The 8wt Z-axis with a 9 wt line will be still way faster than my 8wt Launch with a 8wt line.

    I guess my question is should I go with a 8 or 9wt performance taper on this rod? If the line is true I'll go with a 9 wt if its 1/2 wt heavier I go with a 8. Can Anyone confirm.
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