Last evening, while doing some maintenance on my 5 & 3wt rods/reels, I noticed something very interesting after going through a small fishing log I keep.

Being a long time spinning rod/baitcaster fisherman, and just started fly fishing full time this season, I realized that a few of the lakes/ponds I normally fish with regular fishing gear, I have brought more fish in with my fly fishing gear then the last couple of years of fishing with spinning gear, using plastics, crankbaits and spinnerbaits. What really brought this to lite was a pond I was fly fishing yesterday evening, I nailed 14 Gills/Crappies in less then 2hrs on some hoppers with a 3wt rod. Man what a thrill that was! And this particular pond I've fished with live bait and small soft plastics with very little success in the past. My main arsenal of flies have been Streamers, Stimulators & Terrestrials and Hoppers/Poppers with very good success.

I kick myself for waiting so many years to actually get into fly fishing, but now, luv'en ever minute of it! I'm still a novice fly fisher, but getting a little better each time I go out and do practice .... ALOT ... in my yard, maybe too much

I still enjoy breaking out the spinning rod on occasion but it not as often as it was in the past

I haven't tried my hand at trout fishing yet as all the good streams on are on the other side of the state, a good days drive. But it's on my "todo" list for next season, for sure.

I also wanted to say thanks to many of the people here on FOAL forum who really helped allot when I first decided to get into fly fishing, I've learned a lot from this forum that's for sure.