I had a wonderful time in the La Mision area of Baja Mexico. I arrived in San Diego and called a fly shop to see if they were open and to pick up some flies for the trip. After 3 minutes of being assaulted the the most elitist rude service on the phone I've ever eperienced from a shop, I decided I to go with what I brought and not spend money there. Crossed the border and lost my mind at the beauty of the Baja coast just unreal.
The fishing itself was some of the most difficult I have ever attempted with a fly rod. Casting from the shore with an 8wt and no experience was an unsuccesful combination. I coudn't time the breaks right and my casting quickness was too slow. I'm more of a "lazy river" guy and this seemed to be lightning casting. I lasted about 1hour a day and just left chuckling. I must give you all who succefully fish from the shores of the Pacific the utmost respect it is an challenge unlike anything I've encountered..Sorry not too much on the fishing or no great fish to talk about but the Baja is a wonderful place and if anyone is looking for a place to unwind (my fishing aside) I highly recommend it.