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Thread: Charlie Craven

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    Default Charlie Craven

    I noticed Charlie Craven has joined(re-joined?) the Family just want to welcome Him and say if Ya'll get the chance to check out his Book it's a "Keeper"!
    Welcome Charlie to the Family

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    I hit Charlies site every once in awhile.
    Some good patterns there.I haven't dealt with him personally but the members at another site I visit have nothing but praise for him. Lets hope we see him on the sponsors page soon.
    We all know the area code for heaven is 406

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    Hey Charlie...

    A big WELCOME to FAOL...

    Good to see you...

    bdesavage is so right... Chech out Charlie's new book.
    This is an AWESOME for any beginner and us OLD GUYS that have been tying for some time.

    I even pick up a few tips out of the book that has help my tying...
    (please no rude remarks here.. I do ok... most of the time)

    Thanks again for the book...

    (you guess it!!)


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    I had the pleasure to fish with Charlie several years ago in Denver. He was quite a gentleman when he worked for "another" company as a guide.

    I frequent his site often and hope to fish with him when my travels take me back west.
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    "When you know, to know that you know, and when you do not know, to know that you do not know - that is true knowledge..." Charlie Chan (author Earl Derr Biggers ...Behind That Curtain 192.

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    I had the pleasure to meet Charlie at his shop in Denver last week. What a fly fishing shop and what a nice person. Purchased his new book, autographed of course, and it is indeed a fine fly tying book.

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    I bought Charlie's book in the shop the other day as an educational tool for my two grand daughter. Signed to the two of them of course.
    First time I walked in there I was "hooked". More tying material than I've seen anywhere else. And, great tutorials on his web site.

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    Thanks so much for the welcome! I've lurked here on and off for years, and was even a member at one previous point, but with a new computer lost my log in info and was left only lurking...glad to be back.

    Thanks for the kind words on the book. It came out better than I could have ever expected and I couldn't be happier. I'm a lucky guy!

    Thanks again, hope to be of help where I can.

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    WB sir. I understand about 'new computers' and such. Looks like you have a fan club going here again!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charlie Craven View Post
    ...but with a new computer lost my log in info and was left only lurking...glad to be back.
    Theoretically, you only need to know the email address that you listed when you registered. If you have several email addresses and you can't remember which one you used to register, you can enter each one--one at a time--until you guess the right one.

    How it's done:

    1) Click on Log In.
    2) Enter a random bunch of letters as your user name and click on the "Log in" button.
    3) You will get an error message saying you entered an incorrect username or password. In the middle of that error message, it says:

    Forgotten your password? Click here.
    Click there.

    4) That will take you to a page that asks you to enter your email address. Enter one of your email addresses and hit the "Request Username/Password now" button. If faol has that email address on file, then it will send you your username and a new password to that email address. If faol does not have that email address on file, you will get a message telling you that. Keep entering different email addresses until you get a message that says faol is sending your username and a new password to that email address.

    5) Wait a couple of minutes and log into your email account. Retrieve your username and new password and log in to faol.

    6) Change your password to something else--and this time write it down!

    Disclaimer: I got a new computer, and the same thing happened to me, and the above did not work for me: faol did not have any of my email addresses on file. Is that what happened to you?
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    Thumbs up

    It's been a hectic two weeks working on an SEC filing so please accept my apologies if I missed it, but what is the title of Charles new book?

    Glad to have you back Charlie Craven.
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