Where did all the Junior members come from all of a sudden....at one time this year? Well....there are too many pages of for sale items now. I wish the heck somebody would delete the posts that are no longer active. I think people that do not follow instructions and get their post deleted.....should not be allowed to post for sale's again. Geeeeze

Just an FYI....for all of you that do not have any information in your profile....especially the "new Junior" members....don't expect me to send any money your way for any product. I buy a lot off the for board. But if you have nothing showing you even exist....for all I know you don't. You may not be in the United States.....you may not be at all. I for one am not sending my money out that way. And no I don't use paypal. I have no desire to be filing claims with paypal.

If I can't trust whom I am buying from.....I am not sending my money away.