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Thread: For those who transport Yaks...

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    Default For those who transport Yaks...

    And would like to have a little extra piece of mind of it being more "Theft proof". Seen this on another site and have since bought one...

    Master lock makes a cable lock called the Python...which can be inserted through a scupper hole/holes and then around/through your roof top rack...There by, locking your yak to your vehicle..

    As one who likes to have the yak along even if I'm not sure I'll use it..or if I just want to take a short walk and scope out a bit of the water/sample the fishing a bit prior to unloading the boat..It lends some piece of mind...

    And it's Cable, So even bolt cutters are d*mn near useless in cutting it. (Takes a lot of "Chewing" to cut Cable with bolt cutters)...and cinch-able after it's been locked.. I use it in place of my second strap...which my Dear Wife lost anyway (Hauling our Christmas tree):~)...Love ya

    Just wanted to give anyone who has not heard of these sweet little things a heads up..Lowes Carry's them, Near their chain and rope center...For about 25 bucks..Not a lot to pay for the added security!.
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