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Thread: Take a kid fishin'??.......Sure

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    Default Take a kid fishin'??.......Sure

    Beautiful day in the St. John's area, decided a day out with my son was in order. Through him the flyrod and a couple snacks in the truck and headed for a little sure shot spot that I know.

    Heres a few pics of the rest of the day.

    Hard to cast with a 9 footer when your only 2'-6"

    Fish on

    Look at that face

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    What a great looking day you had!! This will stay in his memory forever. Lucky, lucky son ... lucky, lucky Daddy!!
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    Reminds me of the trips my Dad took me on....very cool!

    PS Watch it, by the looks of things he'll soon be outfishing Dad.

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    SUPER!!! Thank you, for sharing your rather cool day with us! (okay, sorry, bad pun I know!).
    LOVE the expression, too, as he looks at his fish!?! Was that his "first ever"?
    My granddaughter, Sam and I went fishing today also and your son's expression is nearly identical to Sam's when she land a fish of her own and she's been catching them for over a year now!
    Your son, is extrememly lucky "in the dad department" and YOU, better be careful!!
    Even at only, 6, my Sammy is not shy AT ALL when it comes to giving the rest of the family a "run down and score" of each fishing trip, she and I make together. They not ONLY, "learn quick", they also "soon out fish us", even quicker!
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    Hey Barnes,

    I agree it was a great day. It looks like yours was even better!! Im glad you could get out with your son, reminds me of fishing with my dad when I was younger.

    Newfie... it looks like he is already being out fished


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    Thank you for the look at what is in store for me!! I am now a stay at home Dad and my 4 year old wants to go "fitch'n wif Dad" boy I can't wait!!
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    Great pics & thanks for sharing. Flybinder & I have had a number of conversations about his Granddaughter Sammy & my 3 year old Granddaughter Tori. Loads of fun with the young 'uns! In fact, Tori went to the Zoo today with friends, & when I called her to ask how the zoo was, she asked when we were going FISHING!
    There should be a very special package arriving here soon....I'll say nothing more until it arrives...THEN I'll post.
    FAOL..All about caring, sharing, & good friends!!

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