Carlton University of Canada is conducting a Recreational Fishing Survey

Recreational fishing is an activity that occurs around the globe in both
marine and freshwater environments and involves millions of people each
year. Surveys are frequently used to identify important issues among
stakeholders, however, rarely is such information considered on the
continental scale. Understanding how recreational fisheries stakeholders
view issues associated with recreational fishing is important for research
funding, policy development, as well as the implementation of appropriate
management and educational initiatives. As a recreational fisheries
researcher, recreational fisheries manager, or recreational angler, we are
inviting you to fill out a brief (10 minute) survey that will assess your
opinions on key topics concerning recreational fisheries. Your responses
will help us decipher how opinions agree or differ between sectors. All
surveys are confidential and we do not collect or record any information
that would enable us to identify individuals. Furthermore, we will only
report on aggregate findings. If you are interested in the outcome of the
survey, we have developed a website
( where we will post the findings at the end of the study. Upon completing the survey, you will have the option to delete all of your responses or submit your completed survey. The survey has been approved by the Carleton University Committee on Research Ethics.

Please feel free to distribute the survey to colleagues. For any questions or concerns please email us at [Please recognize that any correspondence and answers provided by means of e-mail are not secure.]