I did a drift on the Yakima River on Monday, March 24, 2008. I met my guide, Danny, at The Worley Bugger Fly Co., located in Ellensburg, WA. We headed out and got the drift boat in the water. The weather was cold but sunny in the morning turning to sunny and warmer in the early afternoon then to mostly cloudy and cooler in the late afternoon. The water temperature was 41 degrees when we started, warming up to 43 by late afternoon.

I did not catch a lot of fish on this trip but the four that I did catch were decent fish and all put up a good fight.

I started off with a nice fat 14 inch Rainbow trout in the morning, and then I caught a decent sized Whitefish.

After a great lunch there was a small hatch of Skwalla Stoneflies coming off, not many but some of the fish were paying attention and were feeding on the surface. Danny managed to temporarily capture a female Skwalla Stonefly and I tried to take some pictures of this fast crawling insect. Notice the egg sack attached to the rear of the Skwalla in the one photo.

I managed to catch one really nice and fat 16 inch Rainbow on a Skwalla dry fly. I cast to the rising fish and it took my fly the way it was taking the real Skwallas, with tons of gusto. Once it felt the hook it went airborne and jumped a total of three times. I had a good fight getting the Bow to the boat. That was one of those moments that will be filed in my memory bank, to be relived time and again.

Later on I caught a rather large Whitefish and we took a picture of it as well.

Overall, it was a good day of fishing for me and I totally enjoyed myself.

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