I have been working with the Diamondite finish for a couple of years now.
I have to agree that I like it for my Graphite and Fiberglass rods and use it almost exclusively when building rods of the fore mentioned materials.
When I heat the material I do it on the rod as it turns this removes the voids, makes it level out and if I have too much on one wrap when the drip forms I can just remove it with the end of my brush.
This method also speeds up the cure time some.

When it comes to Bamboo rods however I personally don't care for any of the 2 part finishes and depending on the Bamboo rod and if it's a restoration or new rod most often I use Marine Man O War Varnish.
On the new custom Bamboo rods I have used the Diamondite finish as a thinned first coat and then varnish over it in the dip tank with good results.

I most ardently agree it is best no matter what finish material you choose to learn the material you are working with.
Stick with the materials you are comfortable with and with experience it will become second nature and it will show in the finished product.

Tight Lines and Most Comfortable Loops
Andy M